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The major destinations of Greek Tourism are represented by the monuments of Classical Antiquity, by archaeological excavations, by the crystal clear sea with splendid beaches and the historic folk traditions, which annually attract tourists from all over the world on the occasion of trips and holidays. Among the mainly requested tourist locations we mention, the capital Athens, a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis with an ancient and historical past, the marvelous Greek islands such as Crete, famous for being the place where Zeus was born, is the southernmost island in Europe and the largest in Greece with 8305 sq km., Rhodes island of the sun equipped with beaches of golden sand and blue waters alternating with splendid coves, Kos, characterized by excellent tourist facilities to offer peaceful and at the same time worldly holidays full of fun, Santorini , the island of volcanic origin where structures with panoramic views rise around its volcano, finally Mykonos, known for its white houses, paved alleys and typical windmills.
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The main cities to visit for Greece Tourism are Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Iraklion, Volos, Larissa, Rhodes and Corfu. Athens, the capital, occupies an area of 430 sq km with a population of approximately 3,300,000 and is bounded on three sides by Mount Párnitha, Mount Pendéli and from Mount Hymettos.    

The geographical position of the territory between the 340th and 420th parallel of the northern hemisphere favors Tourism in Greece by providing a mild climate in winter and warm in summer, in general however it is ventilated by a system of seasonal winds called Meltemi, more intense in the period summer that particularly affect the Cyclades islands.

The country with its islands consists of a diversity of ecosystems, geographically it borders Albania, Former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Türkiye. The main cities are Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Iraklion, Volos, Larissa, Rhodes and Corfu, the maximum elevation is formed by Mount Olympus with its 2,904 meters, the largest lake is the Trichonis located in Central Greece, the longest river the Aliakmonas remains with 297 km. We also mention the largest islands in order of size, Crete, Evia, Lesbos, and Rhodes frequented during the year by thousands of tourists.

Administratively the country is divided into 13 regions called periferies of which 9 are located on the mainland, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Western Greece, Central Greece, Attica, Peloponnese and 4 islands Ionian Islands, North Aegean Islands, South Aegean Islands and Crete.

Geographic location
The geographical position between the 340th and 420th parallel of the northern hemisphere allows Greece Tourism to enjoy a mild climate in winter and a warm one in summer, however ventilated by a system of seasonal winds called Meltemi, more intense in the summer period which particularly affect the Cyclades islands.

General informations
The territory of Greece includes approximately 131,600 km2 of which 106,799 are made up of mainland and 25,191 are islands, the coasts and beaches measure approximately 15,020 km. Due to the characteristic geological formation, there are about 1500 islands, of which only 169 are inhabited. The currency currently in use is the Euro, equivalent to 340.75 of the old Drame. The electric current used corresponds to the 220V of the European standard, while the language spoken is modern Greek, with particular diffusion in the tourist resorts of English, Italian and French. As for Tourism Greece, we remind you that it has belonged to the European Union since 1981, also adhering to the Schengen Treaty on January 1, 2000.

Ionian Islands
The group of Ionian islands comprises seven islands located in the Ionian island region. The main one is the island of Corfu full of greenery and crystal clear waters with picturesque bays. To visit the Venetian building of the Town Hall, the church of the patron saint Aghios Spiridon, its two fortresses and the narrow streets. This is followed by the island of Kefalonia which is the largest of the Ionian islands.

The Dodecanese archipelago is located between the island of Samos, Ikaria and the islands of Fourni to the north, the Cyclades to the west, the coast of Asia Minor to the east and the island of Crete to the southwest. The largest is Rhodes, known as the island of Elio. To visit the old city, the medieval walls, the via dei Cavalieri di San Giovanni, the main street, the Palazzo del Gran Maestro. Followed by Patmo Fourni, Leipsi, Agaathonissi. the island of Leros, Kalymnos Astipalea, the island of Kos with the houses of the Roman period and the splendid mosaics, the Palace of the Knights and the early Christian churches, the island of Nissyros, Tilos, the island of Symi, the Chalki island, Karpathos, Kassos the most southern.

Cyclades Islands
The Cyclades islands enjoy mild winters and cool summers. Among the islands we mention Kea near Athens, Kithnos, Serifos, Sifnos, the mountainous islet of Kimolos, the island of Milos, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos with low rocky hills and enchanting beaches with golden sand rich in tourism, the island of Delos, Paros, the small island Antiparos and Naxos and finally Santorini.

it is the largest island of Greece with 8305 sq km and it is also the most southern island of Europe. Famous for being the birthplace of Zeus, Crete enjoys a truly enviable climate throughout the year, even in the summer months when a fresh and continuous breeze mitigates the scorching sun. The major urban centers of the island of Crete are Iráklio, Réthymno, Haniá, Mália, Agios Nikólaos, Georgioúpoli and others, rich in Minoan history and Venetian buildings reminiscent of past eras. As for the archaeological sites, the major ones include the Palace of Minos in Knossós, the famous Minoan finds of Festós and Górtina. The urban center of Iraklio corresponds to the largest city on the island of Crete and the largest airport passenger terminal in the area. For many tourists it is considered exclusively an obligatory passage before reaching the most welcoming and well-equipped holiday resorts. In addition to the traffic, the city enjoys a certain sophistication with numerous restaurants and cafes wrapped in a pleasant and lively atmosphere. There are two major and important squares in Heraklion: the Plateia Venizelou and the Plateia Eleftherias. The Plateia Venizelou, also known as the Lion Fountain, is recognizable by the presence of the famous Morosini Fountain, located in the heart of the city, has several bars and cafes along its perimeter. In the southern part of the square is the most important crossroads of the city, from which the major arteries branch off heading north-east towards the port, south-east towards Plateia Eleftherias, west towards the Hania gate and south towards the markets. During the stay in Heraklion, visits of considerable historical interest are recommended, to the Archaeological Museum, second in importance only to the National Museum of Athens and to the Historical Museum of Crete where some rich testimonies of Crete remain on display under the Venetian domination. Frequent low cost flights organized by travel agencies last minute connect it to the main cities of Europe , especially from Malpensa Airport and from Orio al Serio airport of Bergamo

Located in the Dodecanese, Rhodes offers beautiful beaches for a wonderful holiday with a truly wonderful climate. The urban center of Rhodes corresponds to the largest inhabited medieval city in Europe and also appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The walled city of Ròdos, with its tangle of narrow streets and domes, is worth a visit. The historic center of the city is a labyrinth of alleys and small squares, with Byzantine, Turkish and Latin buildings, surrounded by mighty walls. The medieval city is divided into the Quartiere dei Cavalieri, once reserved for the homes of the Knights of San Giovanni, and the Hora. Via Ippoton (also called Via dei Cavalieri) is an imposing paved street, flanked by palaces and inns and surrounded by the noble and severe atmosphere of the Crusades. The Hora district preserves various testimonies of the past such as the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, with its characteristic pink dome, built in the 16th century and renovated lately.

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