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The favorable period for a vacation in the tropical paradises of the Caribbean is indicated by the second fortnight of December and mid-April when the dry and breezy climate allows the possibility of enjoying the sun on the beautiful and long beaches. The period between May and November is characterized by a higher humidity rate and corresponds to the low season, moreover in the Caribbean from June to November intense can occur tropical showers and sometimes even hurricanes.
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The average temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius and the variation between one season and another involves a temperature difference of only 2°C or 3°C. guaranteeing a warm sea and an obviously pleasant climate together with a nature formed by wonderful beaches, clear waters, coral reefs and fantastic seabeds rich in tropical fish and areas covered with thick tropical vegetation. For sunbathing in the long Caribbean beaches are recommended the islands of Antigua Antigua, Anguilla , le Out Islands alle Bahamas, Turk & Caicos, Aruba, while for those who love nature and excursions to the Caribbean in lush tropical vegetations, Grenada, Martinique and Tobago are the best.    

To dive in the Caribbean by exploring the splendid seabed, the indications fall on the Cayman Islands, Turk & Caicos, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. For surfing and sailing we recommend Grenadines. Important casinos are present at St. Martin, on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, Guadeloupe and Martinique, for those who want to try their luck with gambling. Do not forget the Colombian archipelago of for its magnificent and beautiful beaches San Andres located off the coast of Nicaragua, with the characteristic island of Johnny Cay, a popular tourist destination also by the local population, as well as for the characteristic colonial charm and for its natural beauty, the Colombian city of Cartagena, considered the gateway to Latin America, protected by one of the bays most suggestive of the continent, located in part on a group of coral islands.

During your stay we recommend sporting clothing with light clothing, hats and sunglasses and comfortable shoes for excursions, a light K-way for any downpours. Remember sunscreens to protect yourself from burns, intestinal disinfectants and insect repellents are also recommended. On some islands of the Caribbean such as Barbados, the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Virgin Islands, the high level of social life and the lack of unemployment have favored the development and well-being of the population with the consequent improvement of all local services.

In the majority of the Caribbean islands there are no particular health precautions during the stay, nor mandatory vaccinations. However, it is advisable to take out insurance against illnesses and accidents that could arise during the trip for preventive purposes only, as health care in these countries is subject to payment.

For tourists to enter the Caribbean islands, a passport with a residual validity of at least six months in order with the annual revenue stamp and in some cases also the possession of a return ticket is required. To obtain the issue or renewal of the passport, the necessary documentation must be presented at the Passport Office of the P.S. or of the police headquarters if there is no police station in the area, or, in municipalities where there are no PS offices, at the local Carabinieri station command or at the municipal office. The application forms are available at the same offices. Abroad, it can be issued or renewed by diplomatic missions and consulates. The passport is valid for 10 years, but in some cases foreseen by current legislation, it may be given a shorter period of validity.

Airport Taxes
An entrance fee to be paid in cash is due upon arrival at the airport. Similarly to the departure, an exit tax from the Caribbean islands will be due, usually not included in the participation fees of the Tour Operators.

As far as safety is concerned, in the opinion of the local authorities the crime situation is under control on all the islands, however, it is good practice never to leave valuables and luggage unattended.

Among the most popular tourist destinations are:
- the archipelago of the Bahamas made up of 29 major islands, 668 minor islands and about 2500 islets. with a mild tropical climate, very sunny and with little humidity, the period between April and August is less windy with sudden showers in the late afternoon.
- the islands of Anguilla and Sombrero, located in the Leewards, positioned between St. Martin and S. Barthelemy.
- The state of Antigua including the islands of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda, for a total area of about 442 sq km. made up of magnificent beaches of unmistakable beauty, extraordinary sea beds and a dry and warm climate.
- the island of Barbados, the easternmost of the Caribbean islands, 34 kilometers long and 22 wide at its maximum point for a total area of 431 sq km, located off the Venezuelan coast, with a flat area formed by wonderful beaches and hills covered with lush tropical vegetation.
- The mythical island of Aruba located about twenty kilometers off the coast of Venezuela.
- the archipelago of Bermuda, located about a thousand kilometers from the US coast immersed in the clear waters of the Atlantic and lapped by the magical current of the Gulf. Low-cost flights are operated in Europe from Malpensa Airport with tourist destinations in the main Caribbean islands.
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