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San Andres


Colombia is called the "tierra caliente" about 80% of its territory is characterized by a hot and tropical climate with an annual average temperature, in the regions not exceeding a thousand meters above sea level, of over 25° C. It is difficult to find cold in the Colombian Caribbean and in the archipelago of San Andrés where the temperature it hardly drops below 20°, therefore comfortable and light clothing is recommended, using shoes and sportswear for hiking.


The territory of the island of San Andres is flat, covered with a thick vegetation of tropical palms and the its highest point measures only 95 meters in altitude and has no watercourses. Endowed with rich natural beauty remains a reserve of suggestive landscapes particularly in the north-eastern area for its coral reefs and i small sandy islets. The island about thirteen kilometers long and three wide for a total area of 26 square kilometers is located in the Antillean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua. It belongs to the Colombian state and is about from Cartagena 700 kilometers, it has been a free port since 1952 to encourage commercial development.    

Capital of the archipelago
At the extreme north of the island is the capital San Andrés which hosts about two thirds of the population and is well equipped for tourism due to the presence of numerous clubs, restaurants, discos and a small casino to enliven your evenings. The Anglo-Caribbean style urban center of San Luis is located on the east coast, while the pretty town of La Loma is located in the hilly area of the island.

The official classification of hotel facilities is provided on the basis of express and formal indications of the local authorities of San Andres where the service is provided.
Decameron Aquarium The structure is located near the city center close to the sea. The 250 rooms spread over 3 floors are all equipped with air conditioning, telephone, television, safety deposit boxes and minibars. Entertainment programs and sports activities are organized on site. Possibility to combine your stay with Panama City with departures from Milan Malpensa with special ITC Lauda Air flights return intercontinental flights in economy class and stopover in San José. Domestic flights to San Andres with the West Caribbean airline. Hotel category 3 stars.
Decameron El Islenho
Located just 5 minutes from the airport in front of the beautiful beach of San Andres, it has 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a swimming pool and 42 rooms with air conditioning, color TV, minibar. Entertainment programs and sports activities are organized on site. Hotel category 3 stars.

No entry visa is required to enter the island of San Andres, but in any case for European citizens you must have a passport issued by your country of origin with residual validity at least six months from the date of arrival in Colombia. In this regard, it should be noted that no vaccination is mandatory nor are any particular ones foreseen health precautions during your stay, it is advisable to take out health insurance illnesses and injuries that could arise during the trip for preventive purposes only as health care in this country is paid.

Airport Taxes
Upon arrival at the airport an entrance fee to be paid in cash is currently due worth about twenty US dollars. Similarly to the departure, an exit tax from San Andrés will be payable, usually not included in Tour Operator fees, valued at approximately $29 USD.

In order to obtain the issuance and renewal of the passport, the necessary documentation must be presented at the Passport Office of the P.S. or of the police station if there is no police station in the area, or, in municipalities where there are no PS offices or at the municipal office. The application forms are available at the same offices. Abroad, it can be issued or renewed by diplomatic and consular missions. The passport is valid for 10 years, but in some cases provided for by law currently in force, it may be assigned a shorter period of validity.

Telephone To call Colombia you need to dial the country code 0057, following the identifier of the Colombian city and the number of the user.

Electric Current
the electricity in use is 110 volts working with American sockets with two plugs, it is advisable to bring an adapter. .

There are no specific health vaccinations required for entry to the island.

The local dishes of the island are basically prepared from fish, lobster and crab, most often savored with the addition of coconut. Usually in hotels and restaurants however, international cuisine is served. Among the most famous dishes we remember the "randòn" a special soup with seafood and different kinds of fish cooked in coconut milk.

The territory is a free zone, therefore it is possible to make purchases that are sometimes particularly advantageous. Considering that since 1954 the island of San Andrés (Colombia) has been a free port, tourists are offered products competitive prices from handcrafted objects of various kinds that can be purchased in the various shops, to porcelain, liqueurs, souvenirs, local products and modern electronic technologies. When shopping, remember that almost everywhere in stores, purchases are made with the contracting system. Please be patient while boarding for your return to , as customs controls are particularly meticulous, each bag is subjected to a detailed analysis.

For more information, consult the official website of the Embassy of the home country in Bogotá, in Colombia. Address: Calle 93 B, no. 9-92

Flight plans, timetables, fares and reservations are made through the company Viajes Insular Ltda
Providencia 4 - 115
Tel: +57-8-512-9756, 512-1675
Fax: +57-8-513-1169
San Andres Isla, Colombia.
International connections through Panama City, San José of Costa Rica with aircraft type ATR-52. From Barranquilla, Bogota, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cartagena, Medellín, (Colombia) with MD-83 type Aero Repùplica aircraft. Prices are subject to change without notice. The Value of the US Dollar Changes Daily. For departures from Malpensa Airport, with Lauda Air intercontinental flights consult the Tour Tourism Dimension Operator.

Located about ninety kilometers north of San Andrés within the archipelago, the island of Providencia, it is considered by many people as a still untouched corner of paradise. A very popular destination for tourists who appreciate the wonderful natural landscape calm and quiet and its coast is splendid, even if the tourist facilities present are not as developed as in other Caribbean islands. The monetary unit currently in use is the Colombian Peso, there are no particular health precautions for entry into the country, it is however recommended to have analgesic drugs, disinfectants and medicines against dysentery with you. The time zone provides for a difference of six solar hours less than Italy. The climate is typically hot tropical and the average annual temperature is above 25°C. A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Colombia is required by the local authorities.

History of the archipelago.
While the Caribbean islands didn't develop in the same way, their history is very similar. San Andres was discovered by the British but colonized by the Spanish. For many years, Spain and England fought for control of the islands, taking turns to govern them. Due to its strategic position it was often the scene of battles and an ideal base for incusions and assaults on ships. In 1793, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, England recognized the sovereignty of Spain over the archipelago until 1822 when it became permanently part of Colombia. The famous English pirate Henry Morgan used San Andrés as his base of operations and according to history and history legend of him his treasure is still hidden in some cave of the island.
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