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Located off Florida, the Bahamas islands offer seabeds rich in tropical fish, coral reefs and immense golden beaches.
The Archipelago consists of 29 major islands, 668 minor islands and approximately 2500 islets. The Bahamas have a mild tropical climate, very sunny and with little humidity, the period between April and August is less windy with sudden rains late in the afternoon.
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To travel to the islands you need a passport valid at least 6 months before expiry. However, a visa is not required for stays of less than 90 days. The currency in use is the Bahamian dollar equivalent to the US dollar. To call the Bahamas dial the area code 001-242 and the user number.    

During your stay, it is advisable to wear light, sporty informal clothing, with hat, sunglasses and comfortable shoes for excursions. In hotels and restaurants due to the air conditioning at full capacity, suitable clothing is recommended with long trousers, shirt or T-shirt and pullover. No vaccinations are required on the islands. Apart from certain uninhabited islands, there are no particular mosquito problems. . The total area of the territory is 13,939 km2, the population of about 295,000 inhabitants, official language is English and the capital is Nassau. Banks are open from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 15.00 while on Friday the opening is from 09.30 to 17.

Entry into the country
To enter the country you need to fill in a form, relating to general information on the visitor, to be handed over to passport control.
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