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Malpensa Airport


Located near the highway 336 the Malpensa Airport is located between the towns of Somma Lombardo, Lonate Pozzolo and Oleggio, about 48 km north-west from Milan. On November 21, 1948 the airport was officially opened to civilian traffic. The Malpensa Airport to allow international flights to be the first Italian hub for passenger traffic as well as the the first Italian air transport of goods yard.
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By car you can arrive at Malpensa Airport along the A8 motorway and exit at Busto Arsizio, where you take the Malpensa directly SS336 highway that leads directly to Terminal 2 and 1, or from the Turin-Milan using the A4 junction Boffalora Ticino and go directly to the main road of highway 336 that leads directly to Malpensa Terminal 1 and 2. As for international flights has been set up at Terminal 1 of Malpensa airport a special area for U.S. flights and Israel.


In order to facilitate and enable the development of security procedures for screening passengers and hand luggage, you should present to the Malpensa airport sufficiently in advance of the set time of departure. Also taking into account the reasons for the management of security authorities have provided, the response of the identity of the passenger with a boarding pass after checking the documents.
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Overall, the airport surface occupies about 10 square kilometers. For the landing and takeoff of aircraft at Malpensa Airport are two parallel runways, both long 3 920 meters wide and 60, oriented at 349 ° or 169 °, depending on the direction of use, 17L, 35L and 35R have ILS and all have the PAPI system. Generally the service operations are used the two tracks oriented at 349 °, alternately for departures and arrivals, while the heads 17 are active only in the case of particularly unfavorable wind conditions or when there are no aircraft landing. Taxi service is provided at both terminals, Terminal 1 is also an limousine service, to the airport malpensa.


Currently, the company that manages the services of two terminals at Malpensa airport is the Sea Terminal 2, which generally correspond to the old airport is used for air traffic charter and low-cost airlines, while Terminal 1 is used to allow the arrival and departures of scheduled domestic flights, international and intercontinental. A shuttle bus service departing every ten minutes and connects both airports.
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At the airport of Malpensa Airport in Milan it is in function for travellers the new satellite C, which represents the natural extension of the terminal towards the north, with particular solutions, such as the presence of 2 liftable fingers, to be able to embark directly from the lounge Business class passengers on the new Airbus 380 on the upper deck. The counters available for check-in will be increased by approximately 40 or 70 units according to need required by the companies operating from Malpensa Airport.
The area of about one hundred thousand square meters, owns the floors in marble and modular walls. The architectural project was created by Gregorio Caccia Dominioni. Inside the third satellite of Milan's Malpensa Airport is the maxi VIP lounge of the Emirates airline which allows Emirates business class and first class travelers to board directly, without going through the gate. Non-European flights take place from the third satellite C, with a baggage sorting and delivery system, speeded up and organized to maximize passenger comfort. Malpensa airport terminal 1 is connected to the terminal 2, via a direct rail link, approximately four kilometers long.

For the strategic geographical position of the Malpensa Airport some airlines they carry out flights and intermediate stopovers in the Milan airport. The major ones destinations are the main Italian cities, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Beijing and other cities in Europe and other continents.
At different times of the year and especially during the summer, tour operators and travel agencies organize from Terminal 2 of Malpensa Airport, you fly charter with destinations to the main tourist destinations, in this regard we remember the Caribbean islands, Antigua, Anguilla, Bahamas, Turk & Caicos, Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, San Andres, Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, St. Martin, while in Europe the favorite destinations for holidays towards Spain are in the Canary Islands, and Balearic islands, in Greece destinations Rhodes, Crete and Mykonos. On these occasions it is sometimes possible to take advantage of low cost flights, and travel last minute, at really good prices cheap to travel to the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza.

The search for parking spaces e parking at malpensa airport it becomes more and more evident on the occasion of summer holidays to have a valid solution of comfort also considering the transport of luggage. Depending on the place of departure, it is advisable to choose the appropriate parking area near the arrival terminal in order to be able to easily reach your car. The new parking system at the malpensa airport allows over 13,000 parking spaces to be parked, guaranteeing this ensures adequate availability. In particular, the parking lots are located within the area airport and therefore very close to the airport ensuring a convenient solution for leaving the vehicle in an area of stopover during a trip.
Originally a military airport, Malpensa was founded way back in 1909 when some industrialists they created a an airfield near Cascina Malpensa to do fly some prototypes while also creating a school for flying planes.
With the end of the Second World War the history of Malpensa airport continues thanks to the commitment of Knight Benigno Ajroldi who with the help of industrialists in the area took over the management in order to promote the economic development of the Alto Milanese area by renovating the runway used for flying.
Officially inaugurated for civilian traffic on 21 November 1948, with the landing of a four-engined Breda BZ308, it initially took the name of the airport of the city of Busto Arsizio. On 30 August 1951 the municipality of Milan entered the company with a minority share, until 1955, when he became the majority shareholder with over 77% ownership, changing its name to Società Esercizi Aeroportuali S.p.A. - SEA and transferring the registered office from Busto Arsizio in Milan.
During 1960 all domestic flights ed Europeans operating at the airport were transferred to Linate Airport, therefore Malpensa it became the intercontinental airport serving the city of Milan and northern Italy. The development of the airport structure continued in 1965, when the main runway, which at 3,915 meters in length was at that time the longest in Europe, was equipped with a Calvert approach lighting system and of an instrument landing system.
In implementation of law 449 of 22 August 1985, at Malpensa airport, on 25 October 1998 Terminal 1 of the Malpensa 2000 project is officially opened. This phase sees the construction of a large airport serving intercontinental, international, national and charter flights. The two satellites A and B respectively allow connections towards "Schengen" area destinations and towards "Extra-Schengen" area destinations.

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