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Characteristic Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands in terms of land size. In the sea made up of deep blue waters, the verdant craggy cliffs of the island. To admire the picturesque villages and the splendid towns with stately homes, as well as the remains of the Byzantine memories and the famous beaches that characterize this island. The capital is Argostoli, with its famous natural underground channels called "katavothres", where the sea water penetrates in the soil to reappear in the cracks of the earth, creating a rare phenomenon geological. The sun illuminates the clear waters of the lake cave of Melissani lake with its rays creating a one of a kind panorama with fantastic colors and images. To visit the cave of drugged, full of stalactites and stalagmites of rare beauty, and the splendid traditional village of Fiscardo, with its magnificent and small port. Also called the island of contrasts, Kefalonia was once the motherland of many Greek poets and artists.
Ionian Islands Kefalonia

The main port of the island is located in the capital Argostoli. Other urban centers are Aghia Efimia, coastal resort, Asos and Lassi popular and very busy tourist resorts the capital of the Paliki peninsula, Lixouri. They follow Livadi, Lourdata, among the most frequented by tourists and vacationers, Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos, known for their beautiful beaches, Poros, Sami, characteristic of its kind with one of the most important ports of the island, Skala, Fiskardo and Xi urban center located towards the southern part of the Paliki peninsula, famous for long sandy beaches.

During your stay in Kefalonia you can make visits and excursions to admire places, monuments and museums. Among the best known in Argostoli, the ancient Krani, the Archaeological Museum, the Korgialenios Library, the bridge of Aghias Barvaras and the church of Aghias Barvaras under the bridge, the Katavothres, the famous natural underground channels, the Koutavou lagoon and the quaint monastery of Panagias of Lamias, with the panorama of the gulf of Argostoli. In the urban center of Asos is the Venetian Fortress, while in Damoulianata there are the Sea caves. We also mention in Lixouri: The Typaldon-Iakovaton Museum, the Church of Pantokratora, the Dome e the Municipal Library. Among other notable sites, the Monument dedicated to the Italian Acqui Division, in the locality of Lassi, ancient Sami, the Marine Museum in the town of Fiscardo, the Rock of Byron, in the municipality of Lakithra and finally the Caves of Drakena, in Poros.
Among the most important beaches of the island of Kefalonia we mention Myrtos considered for its characteristics one of the best beaches in Greece. Among the best equipped beaches are those of Xi and Platys Gialos. Also worth seeing and discovering are the beaches of Aghia Efimia, Scala, Poros, Asos, Vinares, Aghios Theodoros, Kipouria, Karavomylos, Vatsa, Petanoi, Mersia, Aghios Spyridonas, Paliostafida, Abithos, Ammes, Aghia Pelagia, Fiscardo, Aghios Thomas, Pessada, Livado, Lourda, Ikosimia, Katelio, Aghia Kyriaki and Lepeda.
The airport of the island of Kefalonia, named after the gymnast Anna Pollatou, is located southwest of the urban center of Leivatho

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