Baptistery of Bergamo

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Baptistery Bergamo


The construction of the Baptistery was placed in its current location in 1898, completion of the harvest space of the Piazza del Duomo, the building has very ancient origins and was built in 1340 by Giovanni da Sample inside the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, which it was then baptismal church.

When the ritual of baptism was transferred to the Cathedral, the Baptistery, was considered too bulky for the basilica. In 1660 it was dismantled and was deposited in a courtyard, where it remained a couple of centuries until, in 1856, not it was decided to recompose it in the courtyard of the Canons. This destination did not materialize satisfactory, so it definitely came located in front of the Duomo.
In the upper band in red marble Verona and pierced by small columns, appear on the sides of the octagon there are narrow aedicules in which fourteenth-century statues are inserted depicting the Virtues. Inside it is located the baptismal font, while in an aedicule with the statue of San Giovanni Battista is the work of Giovanni himself from Campione, also the author of very fine works marble bas-reliefs depicting episodes of the life of Jesus. Open only for baptisms.
The small octagonal building is lightened by a loggia made up of columns very close together. Inside it has bas-reliefs narrating episodes from the Life of Jesus, a statue of St. John the Baptist and a fountain baptismal of Giovanni da Campione. The Gothic capitals of the Baptistery in some cases represent human faces that arise from the vegetation. Inside narrow niches located at the corners, there are the statues of the Virtues.
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