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Weather forecast  

Weather conditions and news relating to the Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport, the forecast weather for the next few days, local news, last minute and flight information.
Generally the weather at Bergamo's Orio Al Serio airport enjoys a typically temperate climate of the middle latitudes, rainy or generally humid in all seasons, with particularly hot summers, furthermore the proximity of the mountains allows you to avoid the phenomena of winter fog and summer heat that characterize the Milanese areas.

Except for particular phenomena, the winter season is between November and the end of March, the weather features a very low percentage of rainfall compared to the Italian average. With reference to the thirty-year average between 1961-1990, the average weather temperature the coldest month is January, with +1.5 °C, while that of the warmest month is July, with +22.4 °C.
Precipitation is mainly concentrated in the periods between March and May, with a slight decrease in the summer months, and an increase in the period between October and November. The average annual rainfall is over 1,100 mm, distributed over approximately 97 days, with maximums in the summer and autumn periods and minimums during the winter season.
Weather News
There is a station at the Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo meteorological reference for the Meteorological Service of the Air Force and for the World Meteorological Organization, relating to the corresponding area of the Lombard Prealps and the city of Bergamo. Managed by ENAV, the meteorological station is located in north-western Italy, in Lombardy, inside the Orio al Serio airport, at 237 meters above sea level. and at the geographical coordinates 45°40'N 9°42'E", near the city of Bergamo.
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