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Zurich airport news and weather

Zurich Airport  

Weather situation and forecasted weather conditions at Zurich Kloten Airport.
In summer, temperatures usually range from a minimum of 13°C to a maximum of 25°C, while in the winter period instead the whole city acquires a unique atmosphere, the average temperatures range from a minimum of -1°C to a maximum of 3°C. Although Switzerland is located with its position within the European continent, the climate and the Weather of the country is influenced by the Atlantic.

The air currents coming from the west carry over the Switzerland skies humid and mild air, in order to cool the climate in summer and keep it temperate in winter. Weather precipitation is abundant during all months of the year. The regions located south of Alps are influenced by the Mediterranean climate and experience warmer winters than in the north. The Alpine valleys they are sheltered from heavy rainfall and some have a drier climate than the surrounding regions with around 2000 mm of water per year in the Pre-Alps compared to around 650 in the Engadine and 550 in the Valais.

The temperature variation for Weather in different Swiss locations is mainly influenced by altitude. On the Mittelland plateau, temperatures range from 1 °C in January to 17 °C in July. In the south of Ticino they are on average 2 or 3 °C higher. Above 1500 meters above sea level temperatures fluctuate from -5° in January to 11 °C in July. A singularity of the Swiss climate is constituted by the foehn wind also called Föhn, a wind blowing in North-South direction creating mild and dry areas in the winter months.
In general, Switzerland enjoys a mild climate thanks to the warm winds that come from the Atlantic Ocean. Zurich's mild climate makes the city particularly popular with visitors all year round, with the summer months of June and September the busiest and temperatures hovering around 25°C and little rain. The winter season begins around November and continues until April, when the snow melts, even if throughout the winter the temperatures at Zurich rarely drops below freezing. Those who visit the Swiss mountains stay always surprised by the winter weather, with long sunny days and blue skies.

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