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Arrival forecast and times at Zurich airport in Switzerland.
Terminal 1 of Zurich airport has a modern and functional infrastructure, a tasteful environment of Check-in 1 at Zurich Airport offer optimal comfort, friendliness and efficiency in procedures and on the occasion of Arrivals very short transit times.

Parking lots

After the landings and Arrivals of the flights, the passengers with their luggage they will have the convenience of reaching the central exit quickly towards the station of the airport and covered parking.
Connections are optimized for destinations around the world.

The Visitors Terrace of Zurich airport, is one of the most popular and evocative visit destinations in Switzerland, with the possibility of closely observing aircraft arrivals and everything that revolves around air transport.
The entrance to the terrace is located in the public area at Check-in 2 e allows direct access to the visitor terrace.

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