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The favorite tourist destinations for beach holidays by site users, reported through the various Social Networks are Miami in Florida, the Bahamas and the island of San Andres in the Caribbean, Menorca in Spain, Rhodes and Crete in Greece. When booking a seat, users of the social network are advised to report any passengers with special attention, such as children under the age of two, unaccompanied minors, people with mobility problems, so that the assistance staff are present at Terminal, organize the service to be provided in a timely manner. Before going to the terminal desk at the airport for Check-in operations with due advance on time boarding, it is advisable to check the deadlines and the type of document needed to reach the Destination Country.
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security procedures  

In order to safeguard the safety of flights and facilitate checks on baggage and passengers in transit to the Terminal you need to be prepared to have your boarding pass at hand and to put them in the special tray metal objects, in some cases it is possible that you may be asked to eventually remove your shoes  In the event that the metal detector signals the presence of metal parts, the opening of hand luggage or a possible search.
The controls serve to ensure the safety of all passengers in consideration of the recent events that have occurred and the particular international social situation that has arisen, therefore it is necessary maximum collaboration of the members of the social network with the staff in charge also to avoid unnecessary losses of  time. For airport managers, the safety of those who travel and attend the airport terminal is an absolute priority, so please be patient and calm during the security procedures provided before boarding, on the methods of hand luggage transport. and on those in the hold, as well as on the documents required based on the intended destination.  
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hand luggage

It is possible to carry on board the aircraft, in hand luggage, only a small amount of liquids, in containers each with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters or equivalent to 100 grams, placed in transparent and resealable plastic bags, of the maximum capacity of 1 liter.

The liquids allowed are: water and other drinks, soups, lotions and oils, perfumes, sprays, syrups, creams, gels, including hair and shower products contained in pressurized containers, including shaving foams, other foams and deodorant pastes, including liquid toothpaste mixes.

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