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Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is a Spanish island of the Balearic archipelago. Tourism is the main economic resource of the island's population, thanks to the splendid beaches of white sand and the wonderful crystalline sea, pristine places of nature. The main urban centers are Mahón and Ciutadella. The island is the easternmost of the Balearic Islands and the second largest. Located east of the island of Majorca from which it is separated by a narrow stretch of sea called the Channel of Menorca, the territory is mostly flat with an area of about 700 km square with 215 kilometers of coastline engraved by deep inlets.
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Due to its geographical characteristics the climate of the island of Menorca is typically Mediterranean, with average annual temperatures between 16 and 17 Celsius degrees. During the summer the average temperatures are around 24°, ventilated by the fresh north wind called tramuntana, while in winter the average temperature drops to around 11°. The annual rainfall varies from 450 mm, of the southeastern part of the island and 650 mm in the interior and northern regions of the island. The rain, very scarce in the summer period, it is mainly concentrated in the autumn period.    

The small airport of Menorca Airport is located in the south-eastern area of the island about five kilometers from the capital. The geographical coordinates are Longitude:4 ° 0' 0 E, with Latitude:40° 0' 0 No Address: Carretera San Clemente s/n 07712 Mahón, Menorca, España IATA code MAH ICAO code LEMH.
The main means of transport used to reach Menorca Airport are the car, the taxi or the regular buses. The airport is also widely used by tour operators who organize charter flights for their tourist packages, in this case the airport and hotel transfer by coach is usually included. As for parking at Menorca airport, there is an area for short-term parking next to the terminal entrance, with approximately 500 parking spaces. While for long stays there is an area available with 250 parking spaces at reasonable prices, with prices varying according to the duration of the number of days. An area of the airport is also dedicated to the parking of buses for the transport of passengers. The taxi service is located in front of the terminal exit. For those who intend to rent a car there are car rental agencies in the area Avis, Europcar, Hertz, National, Atesa and Solmar. In the summer there are flights for tourists from Malpensa Airport with destination the island of menorca.

Useful Information.

To travel to the island, an identity card valid for expatriation is sufficient.

Time Zone.
There is no time difference between Italy and the island of Menorca.

Spanish (Castilian) is understood and spoken by all, but the language usually used by the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands is Catalan. In Menorca in particular, Minorchino is spoken, a local dialect derived from Catalan.

Electricity currently uses 220 volts for domestic use.

Entering the Island.
For citizens belonging to the Schengen area, a valid document is not necessary for expatriation, in any case it is mandatory for registration in hotels and for security reasons at border crossings. Citizens of other nationalities should contact the respective Spanish Consulates for information on the formalities for entering the country.

In order to take advantage of the free health care, it is necessary to obtain the European Health Insurance Card or Health Card which replaced the E 111 model, while for tourists from non-European countries a form of private health insurance is required.

Cala Pregonda is a Menorca beach located on the northern coast of the island, it offers a transparent sea combined with coarse and golden sand. It is considered a wonderful corner of untouched nature, in fact to reach the beach you have to walk along some rocky paths. Among the most popular beaches we mention Cala Galdana with its characteristic half-moon shape, surrounded by green pine forests and equipped with clear sand and a splendid sea. Easily accessible by car, it is also well served by hotels, shops and supermarkets. Located in the southern part of the island, Son Bou is the most beautiful beach in Menorca, it stretches for about three kilometers and is fifteen kilometers from Maó. It is possible to reach the beach by car, bus and boat to admire its beautiful sea, crystal clear water and white sand. Cala Mitjana, on the other hand, is a stupendous inlet on the island of Menorca, equipped with a sandy beach and is located about seven kilometers from the urban center of Ferreries and twenty-three from Ciutadella. It can be reached by following the signs for the urbanization of Assaggio Galdana, continuing on the left once you reach the roundabout near the town.

Among the major excursions recommended for visiting the island of Menorca we mention: the visit of the western part of the island and the port of Fornells, the off-road trip exploring the interior of the territory, the Minorcan countryside, the archaeological sites with stops along the enchanting solitary beaches of the island, the guided tour in the capital Mahón and finally the Tour in the Port of Mahón and in the northern or southern coast of Menorca.

In Menorca the cuisine is mainly based on seasonal products. Among the typical local dishes we briefly mention the famous Caldereta de Langosta, a lobster soup which, to enhance the flavor of the crustacean, is prepared the day before. Soops, soups composed of meat mixed with vegetables. Dorada al horno, sea bream cooked in the oven. Queso de Maó, a cheese of origin composed of 90% cow's milk and minimal percentages of sheep's milk, with a salty taste and a white, brown or yellowish colour, whose diffusion is historically attributed to Cardinal Richelieu. Esculpinyas, tasty shellfish typical of the island, baked au gratin, in soup, or served raw. The Tumbet, similar to a peperonata, mainly composed of potatoes and aubergines, combined with a light tomato sauce. The Brut, risottos cooked with some varieties of fish. Arroz de la Tierra, Traditional and ancient dish made with ground wheat and semolina. Cuttlefish, prepared in different ways, in sauce or grilled. The Sobresada, a characteristic sausage made from pork. Among the Menorcan liqueurs, Gin Xoriguer should not be forgotten, produced by the distillation of grapes flavored with juniper berries according to ancient methods. Also famous are the herbal digestives called Hierbas. A typical drink of the island is the Pomada, made up of Gin and lemonade. Among the sweets we mention: The traditional Esaimadas, made up of filled sheets. Amargos, on the other hand, is a Menorcan dessert made with ground almonds and sugar. Finally, the Cuscuss, a name of Arab origin adopted by the population of Minorca to indicate a dessert composed of dry bread, raisins and almonds.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea to the east of the island of Majorca, from which it is separated by a narrow stretch of sea called the Channel of Menorca, it is the easternmost island of the Balearic group and the second by extension of the territory. Mostly flat, the surface of the island of Menorca has an extension of about 700 square kilometers with 215 kilometers of coastline engraved by deep inlets. Its length measures about 53 kilometers while the maximum width is 19 kilometers. Due to its geographical characteristics, the island of menorca can be divided into three distinct areas: Tramuntana in the north, Mitjana in the center and finally Migjorn in the south. The north is a rural and mountainous area, the jagged coast and scarce vegetation, with numerous islets and reddish sand beaches. The coves located in the northern part of the island are often difficult to reach by car and lack bathing facilities, but on the other hand they offer the tourist spectacles of singular beauty and uncontaminated paradises of nature. The Mitjana area is characterized by plateaus and vast valleys culminating with golden sandy beaches. The Migjorn area is the largest part of Menorca and occupies about two thirds of the island. Consisting of a plateau that culminates with high limestone cliffs on the edge of which there are beautiful coves with golden sand and crystal clear sea, surrounded by rich vegetation. The maximum elevation of the island is Mount Toro with an altitude of 357 meters, from which you can admire a splendid panorama of the north-western part of the island. The coast of Sant Lluís, in the extreme east of the island of Menorca, is the first point in Spain where the sun rises. Es Castell is the easternmost urban center of Spain. The city of Mahón, capital of the island, has the second largest natural harbor in the world with a length of approximately 5 kilometres. Particularly characteristic are the stone walls used to divide the territory and delimit the plots of land called "Tanques" which, added together, reach a length total of about 15,000 kilometres.
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