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Saint Mark

Among the urban centers of Italy, certainly the city of Venice has its own particular charm.
Worth visiting during your stay at Venice :
The basilica of San Marco,
church with a Byzantine character, a laboratory for hundreds of years in which great Italian artists worked and international; its mosaics tell the stories of San Marco and the new and old testament; the church over the centuries it has been adorned with art objects from all over the world. The basilica played 2 big roles, first that of the palatine church as the chapel of the Ducal Palace, and since 1807 of the city's cathedral.
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The Fenice


The Fenice Theatre,
born by public announcement in 1792, not without controversy, as the ideal of a theater was realized republican who proposed effective equality of stages and communicated his rigor through austerity of ornaments. The theater has undergone some fires and subsequent reconstructions, the last one, in chronological order, that in 2003.

The Bridge of Sighs,
called in this way in the nineteenth century, because the prisoners who passed from the courts to the prisons, looking out of the windows of the bridge and seeing the wonderful view of the lagoon and the island of S.Giorgio, they sighed knowing they would most likely never see sunlight again.

The Ducal Palace,
masterpiece of Gothic art, structured in a grandiose stratification of constructive and ornamental elements: from ancient foundations to the fourteenth-fifteenth century structure of the whole, to the conspicuous Renaissance inserts, to the sumptuous signs manneristic. It is made up of three large buildings which have incorporated and unified previous buildings.

The Grand Canal,
The main street of Venice, visiting the city from the water is certainly the best way to approach the city and to its most magical dimension. The Grand Canal was defined as "the most beautiful street in the world": the palaces, the churches, the fields, here they show their most important and richly decorated façade. The itinerary can be carried out by vaporetto (the means of public transport), in particular line number 1 or 82 which they sail along the Grand Canal offering interesting and breathtaking views.

The Rialto Bridge,
the most famous of the bridges spanning the Grand Canal. Established in stone and with a single arch, it was built based on a design by Antonio da Ponte, between 1588 and 1591. The construction was difficult given the conditions of instability and the height of the Grand Canal seabed. The structure, very similar to that of the previous wooden bridge, consists of two inclined ramps, with shops on both sides, covered by a porch. Back when Venice was a maritime power, sailing and traded in much of the known world, large merchant ships stopped here from many countries to unload and sell their goods wholesale. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in and around the city The food, fruit, vegetable, meat and fish market has been maintained in the area.

They represent the administrative division of the province of Venice the municipalities of Annone Veneto · Campagna Lupia · Campolongo Maggiore · Camponogara · Caorle · Cavallino-Treporti · Cavarzere · Ceggia · Chioggia · Cinto Caomaggiore · Cona · Concordia Sagittaria · Dolo · Eraclea · Fiesso d'artigianato · Fossalta di Piave · Fossalta di Portogruaro · Fossò · Gruaro · Jesolo · Marcon · Martellago · Meolo · Mira · Mirano · Musile di Piave · Noale · Noventa di Piave · Pianiga · Portogruaro · Pramaggiore · Quarto d'Altino · Salzano · San Donà di Piave · San Michele al Tagliamento · Santa Maria di Sala · San Stino di Livenza · Scorzè · Spinea · Stra · Teglio Veneto · Torre di Mosto · Venice · Vigonovo.

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