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Lanzarote airport is located five kilometers from the capital of the island, Arrecife, along the Arrecife-Yaiza LZ-2 motorway, the airport consists of two terminals, T2 is only for flights to the other Canary Islands and T1 is for all other flights. Inside the airport there are four bars, an ice cream parlor and five restaurants, including fast food chains Pizza Hut and Burger King. There are also many shops.
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At the exit of the Arrivals Hall of Lanzarote Airport there is a stop for bus line 4 which leaves every half hour to the bus station in Arrecife on Playa Honda. From the Arrecife bus station, lines leave for any destination in Lanzarote, such as Puerto del Carmen, Femes, Maguez, Orzola, Los Valles, Montana Blanc and Puente Mujeres.    

The airport handles approximately 5.5 million passengers annually, most of which come from Germany and Great Britain.

There are many tourists arriving at Lanzarote airport to enjoy a holiday in the sun. To visit, the Cave of the Jameos del Agua This inside, there is a spectacular natural lake that is connected to the sea. The Museo Monumento al Campesino a symbolic work of César Manrique, in the center of Lanzarote is this Farmer's House-Museum, created by the famous Canarian sculptor and architect César Manrique. The Castillo de San José Created on the initiative of the architect César Manrique, the Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the former 18th century military fortress of the Castle of San José. Mirador del Río is located on the Risco de Famara cliff, at about 400 meters above sea level, and offers enchanting panoramic views of the island of Lanzarote. Grotta de los Verdes is located in the northern area of Lanzarote, it belongs to the system of underground channels about 6 km long. Jardín de Cactus is located in an old quarry from which volcanic ash or debris was extracted, used by the ancient prickly pear farmers to conserve the night-time humidity of the soil. Museum-Foundation The César Manrique Foundation is based in the artist's home-studio, carries out important activities in the field of plastic arts, the environment and culture, and its main objectives include the conservation, study and dissemination of Manrique's work and the promotion of artistic activities that favor the respect for nature. The airport has a convenient parking area for people and tour operators who await the arrivals of tourist flights.

Lanzarote airport has a new terminal to serve passenger traffic between the various islands of the Canary archipelago. This building houses the fresco created by César Manrique in the old airport structures around which a relaxation area has been created while waiting for Departures, with a small garden from where it is possible to admire the Canarian artist's work. There are two public car parks in the internal area of the airport with 1047 and 207 spaces available to customers for departures from the Lanzarote airport.

Geography of the
island Of volcanic origin, the island of Lanzarote is located in the Canary Archipelago and occupies the northernmost and easternmost position of the group. Quite singular and characteristic, its volcanic terrain, sometimes with a lunar aspect, extends over an area slightly less than 800 sq km. Thanks to the warm and pleasant climate and the creation of modern hotel structures, the development tourism has become one of the main activities of the country.

It almost never rains in Lanzarote and the terrain is incredibly arid, the island does not have high relief, the crystal-colored sea and the beautiful ash-colored sand beaches create a truly wonderful landscape for holiday in full tranquility.

As in the rest of the Canary Islands most of the restaurants on the island of Lanzarote are located concentrate on the tourist part of the island, with fast food, local typical and international.

In the southern part of the island of Lanzarote is 'The Parque Nacional de Timanfaya' spread over an area of 52 sq km, characterized by twisted heaps of solidified lava in the shape of a whirlpool and volcanic cones, inside there is a renowned restaurant where foods are cooked on a grill powered by a volcano. The other main attractions are 'Cueva de los Verdes' a 1 km long chasm which represents the most spectacular part of the 8 km long lava tunnel formed by an eruption 5000 years ago, 'Jameos del Agua', a another lava tunnel, where there is a beautiful blue lake around which bars and restaurants have been built, as well as a theater for concerts, with excellent acoustics, which can accommodate 500 people, to remember also the ferry excursion to La Graciosa separated from Lanzarote by a strip of sea called El Rio.

Located about 200 km north-east of Gran Canaria, the island of Lanzarote can be reached with several international flights or with flights from the other islands of the archipelago. Regular connections are made with ferries from nearby Fuerteventura and occasionally with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Lanzarote International Airport is located six kilometers from Arrecife.

The nightlife in Lanzarote takes place mainly in the bars and pubs located in the hotels and apartment rental complexes. On the seafront of Puerto del Carmen there are music pubs and discos, among the best known the Paradise, the Lippodrome and Waikiki.

Last minute
The notable tourist development and the intense network of hotel structures present on the island of Lanzarote have led many Tour Operators to promote last minute trips to fill the places still left free for various reasons. Sometimes these are very favorable occasions, where the tourist package is purchased at a particularly advantageous rate for the tourist and the savings are truly remarkable, creating a competitive market on the numerous destinations and on the rates of airline tickets at prices extremely convenient.

Divided into the categories Hotel, Residence-Hotel, Apartment-Hotel, Motel and Boarding House, each displays the official category of the structure with a plaque located at the entrance, which can vary from one to five stars. At the reception and inside each single room the official prices with the various services provided are indicated to the public: bed and breakfast, or full board.

Low cost flights
From the main airports of Europe flights are made at low fares 'Low Cost' cost with destination the Canary Islands. The main airlines offering numerous low cost flights: Easy Jet, Meridiana, Myair, Ryanair and Alitalia. by carrying out online searches on the websites of the airline companies, offers for low cost flights to the island of Lanzarote can be found, consequently avoiding intermediaries in order to pay the lowest price without the due agency commissions. By booking well in advance, in autumn for the summer season and in spring for the winter period, when the availability of reservations opens. During the weekend flights cost more, inconvenient times such as early in the morning or late in the evening have the best fares. It is not advisable to wait, because when a flight is filling up the prices go up, sometimes rates vary within the same day.

Plane tickets
Typically airlines offer airline tickets with last minute flights to fill the remaining seats still available on some destinations the canary islands and lanzarote. The major companies that sell Tickets online Flights to the island of Lanzarote at favorable prices:, edreams, expedia. Through the internet there is also the possibility of purchasing electronic plane tickets for the island of lanzarote directly from the airlines, saving on commissions and sometimes taking advantage of the promotions and offers displayed on the respective websites, which are also useful for finding out about flight schedules, airline connections from all over the world and the availability of seats on a particular flight e last minute destinations in Lanzarote.

Travel offers
Last minute trips sometimes allow considerable savings in terms of money, however we must consider the additional expenses of the proposals of the various tourist packages, such as the preparation of the file and the registration. Also check that the cost of the flight ticket also includes airport taxes and other surcharges such as the fuel surcharge and the booking fee, to realize the actual savings.
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