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Clearly of volcanic origin, the Island of Tenerife represents the symbol of mass tourism throughout the period of the year, thanks to its favorable climate and modern tourist facilities. By extension of the territory, the island is the largest of the Canary archipelago, its capital Santa Cruz, is located in the north. It is possible to divide the tourist regions into two zones, to the north Puerto della Cruz, characterized by luxurious structures surrounded by greenery, to the south Playa de las Americas urbanized in recent years with modern hotels.
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The climate on the island of Tenerife is pleasant all year round, with average temperatures ranging between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. The northern area has a higher humidity rate than the south where the climate is drier.    

On the island of Tenerife there are two international airports for the transit of passengers. Reina Sofia Tenerife South Airport is located 60 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and receives the majority of flights from Europe, while in North Tenerife the Airport Los Rodeos it is located instead at 11 km from Santa Cruz and is mainly used for flights to and from Spain.

Tenerife Airport is located right along the TF-1 Southern Motorway which together with the Northern Motorway form a ring road, the exit junction is clearly indicated. To reach the main urban centers of the island at Tenerife Airport in front of the Arrivals Hall there are five bus lines, line 340 goes up to Puerto de la Cruz, line 341 up to Santa Cruz, line 487 and 470 at Playa de Las Américas and line 464 at Granadilla, for timetables and intermediate stops, contact the Titsa bus company. Also called Reina Sofia Airport, Tenerife South Airport with the abbreviation TFS, is the second airport in the Canary Islands after Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, connects the island with hundreds of destinations and is located in the south of Tenerife.

The territory of the island of tenerife extends over a total area of 2,030 km² with a population of approximately 665,500 inhabitants, the maximum elevation is constituted by Mount Teide 3,718 meters. Its wonderful landscapes offer an alternation of colors, from the white peaks of Teide to the thick tropical vegetation of the North. Teide de Tenerife, with an age of about 5 million years, is the third largest volcano in the world after those of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in the Hawaiian Islands, the last eruption dates back to 1909.

Interesting are the excursions on the Teide volcano, which dominates all points of the island. - The Orotava Valley and Puerto de la Cruz. - San Cristóbal de La Laguna. - The Anaga area formed by the laurel forests of Monte de las Mercedes. - The creek of the Giants and the Beach of las Américas in the South. From the island of Tenerife it is possible to carry out various excursions in the open sea both on board boats that allow the transport of passengers to the other islands, and through organized cruises, or by hiring a boat. The southeast area is ideal for such purposes, as the coast lies in a quiet strait 27 km wide. which separates Tenerife from La Gomera. This maritime area not only allows you to sail pleasantly under the sun but also offers beautiful views of the mountains of the two islands.

In terms of transportation, the two airports in Tenerife, Los Rodeos Airport to the north located in 14 km from Santa Cruz with flights connecting La Palma, Gomera and El Hierro and the Airport located in Tenerife Sur at 64 km. from Santa Cruz, in the vicinity of Playa de las Américas are connected by bus from the bus companies, to all tourist locations. As for internal transport on the island of Tenerife, it is advisable to rent a car at a cost cheap in the agencies present in the tourist areas, or in Santa Cruz and at the airports. TITSA company offers public transport by bus in almost all places on the island.

The beaches belong to the public domain and the equipment such as umbrellas and sunbeds are subject to payment. Seaside life in Puerto de La Cruz takes place in the small black sand beaches, or around the equipped swimming pools of the tourist complexes or at Lago Martianez.

No particular health vaccinations are required during your stay in Tenerife. In every city it is possible to find a doctor and the main urban centers have hospital facilities. The spread of pharmacies is discreet and they are sold medicines as in Europe, in general medical assistance in Tenerife is good.

Entrance to the island.
For entry into the island of Tenerife no document is required for expatriation, however it is recommended to have an identity document with you for registration in hotel and for the collection of travel airline tickets at the airport.

The main foods on which the typical cuisine of Tenerife and the Canary Islands is based in general are fish and meat, accompanied by typical products such as potatoes, cheese, bananas and wine. Among the typical dishes we highlight the "Rancho Canario", which distinguishes the unique Canarian dishes, based on pork or chicken with potatoes, onion, garlic, saffron and other aromatic herbs. cooked and covered with noodles and an omelette with the addition of sausage. It should be remembered that Tenerife alone supplies 50% of the global production of all the Canary Islands; considering the agricultural reality of the island, the culture of the vine is the first for surface commitment, followed at a considerable distance by bananas and potatoes.

Last minute
Daily flights depart from and arrive in Tenerife from the main Spanish cities and the rest of Europe. There are also numerous connections by plane and by ship that allow connections with the other islands of the archipelago.

Playa de las Americas
The urban center of Playa de las Américas is the main tourist destination on the island of Tenerife. It is located along a coast dotted with small beaches in a maritime promenade. In its streets of this town on the island of Tenerife there are shops, bars, restaurants and discos. During the night there is always a lot of movement, given that there are many places of entertainment such as pubs, discos, halls with shows and casinos. The leisure offers are varied and numerous and among them the aquatic amusement park stands out the most. The town also has a sports port called Puerto Colón, ideal for those who enjoy water sports.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
The capital of the island is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the second most populated city in the Canary Islands, with over 200,000 inhabitants. The development of the urban center is due to the strategic importance of the port and to commercial exchanges. Very useful for this purpose was the enactment of the Decree of the Free Ports, in 1852, when commercial traffic intensified considerably, stimulating the progress of a bourgeoisie now determined to make the city grow. Currently the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers with large spaces occupied by gardens with the charm of modernist architecture. It has tree-lined avenues, parks and squares, ideal for strolling in the greenery combined with the tranquility and sunny climate it enjoys all year round. The most frequented place is the Plaza de España, near the sea, where the building of the Cabildo of Tenerife, the City Council, stands. Opposite is the Plaza de la Candelaria, from which Calle Castillo starts: the most important commercial street. Behind the Church of la Concepción, from the 16th century. Nearby is also the charming Plaza del Principe, where the 18th century church of San Francisco is located, as well as the convent which houses the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Calle del Pilar starts from this place, where the church of the same name, also from the 18th century. The route leads to perhaps the most beautiful place in Santa Cruz: the García Sanabria park, with dense vegetation and of an exotic type in which the leafy trees brought here from all over the world stand out.
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