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Tourism information United States of America

The currency currently in use is the US dollar, credit cards are the most popular form of payment in North America. They are always required in title guarantee in hotels for any extras and for car rental. We recommend using banknotes with a maximum denomination of $ 20 for payments, as higher denominations are sometimes not accepted. The credit card is very important in the USA, as it speeds up any booking, avoids the presentation of documents in hotels and replaces the cash deposit in car rental. The most popular cards are the VISA, the MASTERCARD and the DINERS, while the American Express is little used. Automatic cash dispensers, ATMs, Automatic Teller Machines, are therefore widespread everywhere cash withdrawals can be made both through ATM cards, with rather low commissions, and with credit cards with higher commissions.
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The US dollar, like the euro, is divided into cents. The available coins are 1 cent (penny), 5 cent (nickel), 10 cent (dime, smaller than the 5 cenTips are mandatory, it is good practice to leave at least 15%. The prices displayed in the restaurant bar shops do not include taxes which vary in percentage according to the state.t one), 25 cent (quarter), 50 cent (half-dollar) 1 dollar (dollar).

The voltage of electricity in the United States of America is 110 Volts / 60 Hertz, with sockets almost always needing a special flat blade adapter that you can also buy in your country. Tips are mandatory, it is good practice to leave at least 15%. The prices displayed in the restaurant bar shops do not include taxes which vary in percentage according to the state.
Due to the continuous increase in the price of fuel, some American airlines may apply surcharges for the baggage transport on domestic flights within the United States or for second baggage on flights from Italy.


This supplement must be paid locally, the conditions of applicability vary according to the airline used. Consequently, it is advisable to ask for information in advance by visiting the website of the individual airlines. Also remember that the current safety regulations require that the baggage is always inspectable by the authorities in charge. During internal flights it is forbidden to lock baggage with padlocks or keys and any forcing or damage will not be refundable in any way.

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We remind you that in the United States of America there is no official classification of hotels, the rooms are generally composed of 2 Queen beds Size from one and a half square. For a triple / quadruple room we mean the use of the room with existing beds for 3/4 people. Upon check-in hotel, a credit card is always required as a guarantee for the payment of any extras such as the payment of the telephone, minibar and more.

Considering the considerable extension of the territory, the climate varies from temperate in the north - west, sub tropical in the south east, with hot and humid summers, particularly in Florida. In the Central Plains continental climate, with very severe winters. In desert areas, the climate is dry, with high temperatures.
The crime rate can vary considerably depending on the localities and neighborhoods of the cities. It is advisable to inquire with acquaintances, business or hotel associates on local conditions. Clarify which neighborhoods should be avoided. In any case, it is recommended to take precautions usual against petty crime.

The United States is crossed by 5 time zones: in the north east of the country, it is less than 5 hours compared to Italy. Along the east coast it is 6 hours less than Italy, while on the west coast they are 9 hours less than Italy. Daylight saving time is observed throughout the country, excluding Hawaii, Arizona and part of Indiana.
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The United States of America is one of the largest countries in the world with an area of about 9.4 million sq km and has about 300,000,000 inhabitants. They border Canada to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The United States also borders with Mexico and with the Gulf of the same name to the south, while Alaska borders the Arctic Ocean to the north and Canada to the east. The United States of America is divided into 48 states to which we must add Alaska, which is also the largest, Hawaii, the Federal District of Washington and numerous other territories such as Puerto Rico. The population is extremely multiracial, the United States is in fact populated by the descendants of populations arrived there from all over the world such as Italians, Spaniards, English, Irish, Ukrainians, Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, South Americans, Asians and Africans, to which we must add the Native Americans, the Indians, who often still live with their centuries-old traditions, and the Inuit better known as Eskimos, living in Alaska.
Among the major cities of the United States of America to visit we remember New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, Houston, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans, Seattle, Honolulu, Denver, Nashville, Memphis, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Santa Fe.

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