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Flight DL 199

Delta Air Lines

Flight DL 199 Delta Air Lines route Milan - New York
Operated by Delta Air Lines , flight number DL 199 - codeshare - none, flight duration 9h 38m . Typically Boeing 767-400 Passenger aircraft are employed. Destination John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, United States of America.
New York
John F. Kennedy International

The city of New York can be reached from Malpensa Airport with flight DL 199 operated by Delta Air Lines airline.
Address John F. Kennedy International Airport :
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003, United States.
Latitude / Longitude: 40.642334 / -73.78817
Time zone: -5:00 hours - UTC / GMT hours
airport codes

We remember for those who travel to the United States whereas in air traffic more time needs to be allowed to clear security checks, have become more stringent. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) informs about important provisions and rules of conduct, absolutely to be respected, in this matter security at airports: check-in, prohibited items, observations to avoid during controls - such as hints of weapons and devices - etc. In suspicious cases, the TSA reserves the right to open airline bags and therefore recommends not to block the luggage locking system.

Legal provisions
United States

With respect to the specific legal provisions in the United States, legislation can vary greatly in the individual federal states, laws often refer to more rigid moral precepts than usual in Italy, for example, it is forbidden to bathe naked, even for children or bare-breasted and it is not it is permitted to urinate on public land or to photograph partially undressed children even at home. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited for minors under 21; alcoholic beverages cannot be consumed in public or carried with one in a visible manner.

It is punishable who leaves children under the age of twelve unattended at home, in the hotel, in the car, etc., infractions of the narcotics law are punished starting from a minimum amount of any type of drug, with prison sentences of several years, drug trafficking with sentences up to life imprisonment, and with a ban on entering the country. In some federal states the death penalty is foreseen for serious crimes such as murder.

Throughout the country and throughout the year, there is the possibility of tornadoes, vortex columns of wind which are formed under certain conditions during thunderstorms. From May to November the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast can also be affected by hurricanes. It is recommended to follow the weather forecast and to comply with the communications and instructions of the authorities.

Parts of the United States of America are at seismic risk. The danger exists mainly in Alaska, California and Hawaii. Earthquakes and tidal waves can cause devastation on land and tsunamis. It is recommended to obtain information from the hotels or from your guests about the emergency device in case of earthquakes.

Natural hazards
After arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York with Delta Air Line flight DL 199, if a natural disaster should occur during your stay in the country, it is recommended to follow the instructions of the authorities and contact your family members as soon as possible. In the event that communications with foreign countries are interrupted, register with the nearest home country representation, embassy or consulate .

Medical assistance in the United States is guaranteed even in cases of emergency, hospitals ask for a financial guarantee before treating patients credit card or advance. In case of use of particular drugs, a sufficient supply must be foreseen, it must be remembered that in many countries there are special requirements for bringing medicines with you containing drugs, such as methadone and substances for the treatment of mental illnesses. We therefore recommend that you inquire directly with the representation before you travel competent foreign .

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