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The islands of El Hierro and La Gomera are connected by flights only with Tenerife and Gran Canaria, take this detail into consideration when organizing your trip. The island of El Hierro. is bathed by transparent waters where scuba diving lovers arrive every year from different places in the world to photograph one of the best seabed of the planet.
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Hierro Valverde


Formed like the other islands of the Canaries by a territory of volcanic origin, the island of Hierro occupies an area of 224 sq km in the western extreme of the archipelago. The thermal excursions and temperatures vary from 24° to 30° centigrade. In the climatic context, the rains are very scarce and the weather is pleasant throughout the year with almost the sun always present. To the north, the small bay of El Golfo hosts a beach of about 14 kilometers, the rest of the coast is made up of jagged and rocky.    

The island of El Hierro due to the extension of its territory is the smallest of the seven islands that make up the Canary archipelago. Well equipped with tourist and hotel facilities, the island also offers fun and entertainment. International cuisine is generally served in tourist facilities and hotels on the island of Hierro, however there is no shortage of opportunities to taste the typical gastronomic products of the Canary Islands. The Tourist Office is located in Località Valverde, Telephone +34 922 551 052 Fax +34 922 552 907 Email hieturis@arrakis.es www.cistia.es/cabildohierro.

Documents and Transportation
Entry without an identity document is allowed only to European citizens. To get to the island of El Hierro you have to fly or take advantage of the many ferries from southern Spain or from other adjacent islands. Binter Canarias flights from North Tenerife and Gran Canaria arrive at Valverde Airport. By ship there is a connection of line from Los Cristianos to Tenerife

Urban centres
The capital of the island of El Hierro, Valverde, is located within the territory at an altitude of about 600 meters. It is a picturesque fishing village with red roofs and has about 1600 inhabitants. El Hierro still has a rural aspect and still partly ignored by mass tourism for this reason it is ideal for a holiday in untouched nature.

To visit during excursions in the island of El Hierro: The Town Hall of Frontera and the Tigaray area. Las Puntas, where the reserve is located which houses specimens of giant lizards and the Guinea ecomuseum. The main urban centers are Valverde, Restinga, El Pinar, Los Llanos, Sabinosa, Frontera.

Overall, the island of El Hierro occupies an area of 224 sq km and is located to the west of the archipelago of the Canary Islands. By extension of the territory it is also considered the smallest of the seven Canary Islands that make up the archipelago, it has excellent bathing facilities with modern hotel and tourist facilities. The temperatures of the coast of El Hierro vary between 19°C and 23°C, even if in the highest points, in particular in the north and east, it is necessary to calculate a few degrees less, moreover for almost the whole duration of the year it blows a moderate or strong wind. Generally the climate on the island of El Hierro is warm and constant, determined by the interaction between the marine currents of the Saharan bank and the trade winds. The water temperature varies between 19°C in January and 23°C in September. The sun is almost always present during all the days of the year with strong intensity of solar rays, therefore it is advisable to take the necessary precautions against excess exposure to the sun, as the refreshing action of the wind means that there is not always be aware of the level of radiation you are receiving. During the nights the sky is serene and clear.

Los Cangrejos airport connects the island of El Hierro by means of daily flights to Tenerife, also several weekly flights connect it to Gran Canaria, La Palma and La Gomera. The Puerto de la Estaca allows maritime connections tickets with tenerife.

Before going to the island of El Hierro, we recommend that you get information about the holiday calendar, in order to be present on the occasion of the most famous significant celebrations in the country. In fact, it is during these events that the fun and the most are captured the culture of the island tradition.

Urban centres
The only town in the archipelago that is not reflected in the Atlantic Ocean is the capital of the island of El Hierro, Valverde. The urban center is protected by a kind of green crescent facing east and still retains its colonial historical aspect unchanged today. It welcomes more than half of the population in an urbanization without tall buildings and traffic lights, while the rest lives dispersed in small farmhouses on the island.
The late discovery of the tourist possibilities of the island of El Hierro has managed to preserve the surface from chaotic urbanizations that often disfigure the landscape and nature, this shows that the inhabitants are aware of the value of their land.

International cuisine is served in the hotels and tourist facilities on the island of Hierro.
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