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Considered the jewel of the Lesser Antilles, Aruba offers a mild climate all year round thanks to its favorable geographical position, and the high development of tourist services are the essential elements for a holiday capable of meeting the most diverse needs. The landscape is characterized by a wide variety of cacti and trees, including the curious "dividivi" that grows in the direction of the trade winds.


Located about twenty kilometers from the coast of Venezuela, the island of Aruba is appreciated for its crystal clear sea and its long white beach, on the quiet western coast, which hosts most of the hotels, elegant boutiques, casinos and golf courses.    

Climate and vacation
Gastronomy is essentially made up of very fresh fish and lobsters, while in the hotels and in the hotels of luxury international cuisine of the highest level is offered. The official language is English, the local currency the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ECD). For shopping, the typical and cheap souvenirs are shells, wooden objects, ceramics, rag dolls and hand-embroidered tablecloths. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. In the winter months the temperature remains cool and breezy, while in the summer it is slightly hotter, with a higher humidity rate. The temperature of the sea is pleasantly warm throughout the year allowing the possibility of bathing in the waters at any time of the day. Aruba is not in a monsoon zone, so the rains are usually short-lived. Generally the driest months are from December to April, while mild tropical downpours can occur in late summer. Capital of the island and Oranjestad, from the style Dutch colonial, combined with Spanish elements such as wrought iron balconies.

Periodically from Europe with departures from Malpensa Airport charter flights are organized by various tour operators to the island of Aruba in the Caribbean.

Aruba - Reina Beatrix International Airport is located 3.5 km south of the Oranjestad city centre, about 25 km off the coast of Venezuela. They are present inside the terminal shops, duty-free shops, restaurants and snack bars. The bank operates banking services seven days a week. Internet terminals and wireless Internet access are also available. Outside the building there is an area for paid parking for short and long term parking of vehicles.
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