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To travel to Barbados it is necessary to have a passport with a residual validity of at least six months e the return ticket, no particular health vaccinations are required. The island includes beautiful golf courses, tropical parks and an exotic vegetation with more than three hundred different kinds of plants, cacti and beautiful colored flowers. Among the curiosities of the island to remember the name "barbudos" that is bearded, attributed by the Portuguese Pedro De Campos for the luxuriant tropical vegetation that covers Barbados, it is also one of the few undiscovered Caribbean islands by Christopher Columbus.
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Monetary unit


The monetary unit in use is the Barbados dollar (Barbados dollar) indicated with the symbol BD$, while as far as Shopping is concerned, considering the presence of numerous duty free shops, purchases are recommended of crystal, porcelain, perfumes, watches and electronic products. The solar time difference with respect to Italy is five hours less. When in Italy it's 17 in the Island of Barbados it's noon.    

34 kilometers long and 22 kilometers wide at its maximum point for a total land area of 431 square kilometers, the island of Barbados is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands. The island is located off the Venezuelan coast, the flat area is made up of wonderful beaches and hills covered with lush tropical vegetation. Among the crops stands out the sugar cane main product of the island of Barbados. The state capital is Bridgetown. After three centuries of English domination in 1966 the state became independent within the Commonwealth, the official language is English flanked by the widespread local dialect called "bajan", the average temperatures range between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius within a typically tropical climate even if the eastern coasts are slightly affected by the Atlantic influence.

The national dish is the flying fish called "Flying Fish" symbol of the island, among other specialties of the local cuisine the "souse" pork elaborated with spicy ingredients and the "black pudding" a sausage stand out combined with sweet potatoes. Do not miss the good tropical fruit and among the drinks in use, the local beer called Banks and the rum Mount Gay.

To travel to Barbados it is necessary to have a passport with a residual validity of at least six months and a return ticket, there are no special health vaccinations.
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