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Calm and peaceful, the Grenadines Islands are made up of splendid beaches and isolated places away from worldliness. English is the official language spoken while the Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the local currency in use. The average annual temperature is around 25 and 27 degrees centigrade refreshed however by the trade winds.


The months between November and May in the Grenadines islands include the season dry. As for the spindle time the Grenadines Islands count 5 hours less than the Italian time.    

The Grenadines islands are located in the Lesser Antilles, specifically between Saint Lucia and Grenada, they are bathed by the of the Caribbean. Within the archipelago there are about 125 islands, the largest island Saint Vincent is located in the northern part, the Grenadines they are scattered in the stretch of sea between Saint Vincent and Grenada.

In some periods of the year, especially in the summer and during the Christmas holidays, some tour operators they organize charter flights with departures from Malpensa Airport , with destination the grenadines islands in the sea of the Antilles.
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