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Located about a thousand kilometers from the US coast, the Bermuda archipelago is immersed in the clear waters of the Atlantic and lapped by the magical current of the Gulf. The territory of the islands comprises an area of approximately 58.8 sq km, with a population of 63,500 inhabitants with the highest density in the capital Hamilton. Characterized by splendid beaches of pink sand and crystalline sea Islands of Bermuda form one of the largest barrier reefs in the Northern Hemisphere.

Time zone

The climate is typically subtropical, with comfortable temperatures in the summer ranging between 19°C and 29°C while during the winter they range between 15°C and 21°C. To enter Bermuda a passport valid for six months is required and a ticket is also required for the return. No particular vaccination is required, the current currency it is the Bermuda dollar indicated with the symbol BD$ while the official language is English with the diffusion also of a creole dialect. The time zone with respect to Italy has 5 hours less during the period in which solar time is in force and 6 hours during the summer time period.    

For shopping in the islands we recommend local souvenirs such as perfumes, soaps, talcum powders, essence-based aftershaves, or ceramics, silk or cotton sweaters made in England. Apart from certain uninhabited islands, there are no particular mosquito problems. For the splendid natural scenery and the mild climate, the Bermuda Islands can be considered the ideal place to rest, have fun and regenerate from the stress accumulated during the year. During your stay you can practice water sports in the natural environment, fishing, golf and diving are recommended underwater.

The gastronomy is based on fish, seafood, molluscs and lobsters cooked with typical local spicy sauces. However, there are numerous restaurants offering Italian, French, Chinese and English cuisine.

Bermuda International Airport known as L. F. Wade Airport, it is located about 16 km from the capital Hamilton. They are present inside the terminal catering services, free WiFi Internet access, duty-free shops, first aid, waiting rooms for tourists. Major airlines operating flights to the island of Bermuda are american airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Air Canada and Flexjet, departing from New York, You love me, London, Atlanta, Toronto and periodically from other smaller locations. To reach the Isle of Bermuda from other continents it is necessary to make a stopover at the airports of the cities mentioned above, from Malpensa Airport flights are made to Miami or New York where it is possible to embark on other aircraft with destination the Isle of Bermuda.

The archipelago, made up of 181 islands with a total area of 53.3 square kilometers. it is formed by the highest points on the caldera rim of a mountain-forming underwater volcano submarine. The largest island is Greater Bermuda. These Atlantic islands are named after their discoverer, the Spaniard Juan de Bermúdez, who joined them in 1505.

The major urban center of the island of Bermuda is the capital Hamilton which rises in a bay in the center of Bermuda, on the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the small extensions of the town, the city has several protected areas, among the major ones we mention Victoria Park, once dedicated to the figure of Queen Victoria. Other notable parks include Par La Ville Park, Barr's Park, All Buoy's Point Park and Cedar Park.
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