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The magnificent beaches of unmistakable beauty, the extraordinary seabed and the dry and warm climate make Antigua a destination interesting for caribbean vacations.

time zone

It is a state associated with the United Kingdom located in the Leeward group, includes the islands of Antigua , Barbuda and Redonda, for a total area of about 442 sq km. The time zone includes in Antigua a time difference of 5 hours less when solar time is in force in Italy and 6 hours less when the time is in effect legal. As far as documents and vaccinations are concerned, we remind you that a passport with at least 6 months of residual validity is required for Italian citizens. No visa is required to enter Antigua and no mandatory vaccinations. The currency in use is the Eastern Caribben Dollar (ECD), the official language being English.    

Climate and Tourism
Clearly the climate is tropical, hot and dry, cooled by sea breezes, with temperatures that they fluctuate throughout the year between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius. Shellfish and fish together with spicy dishes, rice and curry are the gastronomic specialties of the islands. However, the international cuisine in the hotels and restaurants is excellent. The bars serve delicious cocktails based on fruit juices, coconut milk and brown sugar clearly combined with the excellent local rum. Purchases can be made in the small shops of the capital Saint John's where it is possible to find local handicraft products, articles of clothing and the "Cavalier" rum considered one of the best in the Caribbean. Airport taxes: upon departure from Antigua it is necessary to pay the airport departure tax to be paid in cash (about 20 US dollars per person in 2005). Its jagged coasts and inlets carved out by the ocean, the climate and the dream landscape are the main attractions of these islands in the Lesser Antilles. recommended for those looking for the success of their holiday in this dimension.
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