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Due to its industrial, financial and cultural importance, there are many tourist accommodation facilities in Milan modern and comforting, as well as several luxury hotels. Capital of fashion, of shopping and finance, the Milanese city lives in preview all trends. The geographical area is characterized by a continental climate with cold winters and hot and muggy summers. Average annual temperatures range from 1 ° C. in winter, at 24 ° C. in summer.
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It is possible to visit the Milanese metropolis by participating in the guided tours organized for tourism local with escorts, or independently by choosing the most interesting itineraries for tourists. Generally the recommended period to visit the city of Milan are spring and autumn when the climate is pleasant. On the other hand, those who tolerate the heat well can take advantage of the quiet of the month of August, as many Milanese go on holiday to the sea or to the mountains.
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During the summer in Milan we recommend sportswear with light clothing, headgear and sunglasses. Elegant dresses for evenings in hotels, restaurants, hotels, discos. Heavier clothing for the winter months, a coat or jacket is essential.
How to get.
The urban center of Milan is connected with the major cities of northern Italy by means of a convenient road network from a system of highways and ring roads, therefore arriving by car or bus does not present particular difficulties. Alternatively, it is possible to use the train, considering the development of the railway network and the importance of the Central Station.
By plane you can arrive at Linate Airport located just 7 kilometers from the center, or at Milan Malpensa Airport Malpensa Airport about 45 kilometers from the city and connected to the center of Milan by the Malpensa Express train with a journey lasting about forty minutes.

According to the type of stay it is possible to choose the location of the cheap, famous and characteristic useful hotels for the stay for business reasons, fairs and tourism, located near the center to visit monuments and museums, along the ring roads to make quick and easy transfers to places on the outskirts, or in the vicinity of Linate and airports Malpensa or in the area of ​​the Milan fair on the occasion of fashion and industry events. Most of the Hotels are equipped with large halls, air-conditioned rooms and environments, restaurant, TV room, swimming pools, gym, tennis courts, games room, sauna, massages, solarium. In some modern structures daytime and evening entertainment with games and music is also provided. As for the prices of hotels in Milan, considering the wide choice that the city center offers, there are several convenient rates. The periods with the highest prices are those during conduct of trade fairs and fashion, from February to October.

In the city of milan, there are numerous restaurants for all tastes. Most of the restaurants are located towards the historic center, in the Brera area and along the Navigli. The cuisine varies according to the specialty, from Milanese cuisine with its specialties and traditions to the typical regional Italian and the ethnic one. A complete guide with tourist menus at reasonable prices.

As for tourism in milan we mention among the major monuments and historical places in milan to be discovered and visited with tourist itineraries or guided tours: The Sforzesco Castle, the Royal Villa, the Monumental Cemetery, the Duomo, Palazzo Marino, Palazzo Brera, Palazzo Reale, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the Arch of Peace.

The presence of numerous museums offer tourists a broad knowledge of the cultural and historical characteristics of the place, among the main ones we list: Brera Art Gallery, Last Supper, Civic Archaeological Museum, Civic Aquarium, Museum of Science and Technology, Manzonian Museum Casa del Manzoni, Civic Art Museums of the Castello Sforzesco, Museum of the Duomo, Civic Planetarium "ULRICO HOEPLI".

Places of worship.
The churches also testify to Catholicism, do not miss the visit of the Duomo located in the center of Milan the gothic church dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente is the third largest church in the world by capacity with 40,000 people. We also remember the Basilica of St. Ambrose Patron of Milan, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Sant'Eustorgio, San Simpliciano, San Marco and Santa Maria near San Satiro.

In some periods of the year various Tour Operators offer organized trips on the occasion of trade fairs and fashion shows. Generally the tour package includes airport transfer, flight, hotel stay, entrance tickets and local assistance. Sometimes the rates are particularly advantageous for the tourist and the savings are considerable. Those who prefer to go individually, we recommend to carry out a search for airline tickets and low cost flights directly on airline websites, avoiding intermediaries in order to pay the lowest price.

The city of Milan also offers tourists the opportunity to purchase the most varied products in high fashion stores, shopping centers and shops. characteristic, on the occasion of the development of trade fairs and commercial events, as well as of the local markets and festivals. There are also numerous night clubs such as Bars Discos night Club for evening entertainment. Cabaret and shows take place at the Teatro alla Scala, Teatro Litta, San Babila Theater, Manzoni Theater, Smeraldo Theater, New Theater, National Theater, Stehler Theater.

The coat of arms of the Municipality of Milan is a red cross on a white field, where the red cross represents the emblem that the Crusaders wore, while the white means the white robe of the same worn. During the dominion of the Visconti, the coat of arms was replaced by the symbol called 'Biscione', represented from a large snake with the features of a dragon that holds in its grip a child, of the Samnite type, silver to the red cross, topped with a turreted crown. After the Second World War, the city of Milan decided to return the coat of arms with a red cross on a white background. The symbol of the city is the statue of the Madonnina by Giuseppe Perego made of gilded copper, depicting the Madonna Assunta, located on the main spire of the cathedral of Milan at a height of 108.5 meters dominates the city center and has a height of 4.16 meters, it consists of a covering formed by 33 copper plates for a total weight of 399.2 kilos and 6,750 sheets of pure gold used in the last restoration.

Security Tips.
Pickpocketing is one of the most frequent and most difficult crimes to avoid, especially on public transport: buses, metro, trains, airplanes. Even when traveling with your own car, you have to be very careful about theft and luggage. In particular in the tourist places of Milan and in the railway stations must be vigilant and beware of thieves who with their cunning distract tourists in front of ATMs, or on the streets and in the parking with the excuse of an alleged flat tire. In addition, caution must be shown in cases of minor accidents or intentionally caused damage, such as the breakage of the side mirror and rear view mirror of the car. If you have any suspicions, call the police or the carabinieri. Consequently it is recommended to observe the usual precautionary measures against petty crime and to pay attention to the recommendations and police information.

Health care.
Medical assistance is guaranteed free of charge to holders of the European health insurance card for each medical or hospital treatment.

Specific legal provisions.
The maximum blood alcohol level for motor vehicle drivers is 0.5 per thousand. Violations of the drug law are punished with several years of imprisonment even for small quantities of any type of drug.
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