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Low Cost Flights


In recent years, some airlines have offered low cost flights, creating a competitive market on the fares of airline tickets for numerous destinations  at really affordable prices. In general, the best opportunities for low cost flights can be found by carrying out an online search on the airline websites, avoiding intermediaries  in order to be sure to pay the lowest price without the due agency fees. By booking well in advance, in the fall regarding the summer season and in spring for the winter period, when the availability of reservations opens.
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During the weekend, flights are more expensive, inconvenient times such as early morning or late evening have the best rates. You don't want to wait, because when a flight is filling up the prices go up, sometimes the fares vary within the same day. For economic reasons it may happen that the arrival or departure airports have limited services and are more difficult to reach,  therefore it is better to organize for these circumstances. In order not to pay penalties, you must comply with the travel conditions of the airline such as the weight and size of luggage. The dates, the names and destinations are not subject to change except by paying hefty surcharges, provided there is availability on the new flight.
Consequently, the utmost attention must be paid when a whole series of other costs and supplements are added to the declared initial price  of low cost flights, of which the traveler becomes aware only at the time of booking.These additional costs and surcharges may take the names of booking fees, transaction fees, administrative fees, credit card fees, check-in fees, first bag fees, and more. For example, a flight departing from Milan Malpensa airport to New York John Fitzgerald Kennedy International airport advertised at a lower price than its competitors, sometimes with costs. supplements can be even higher.
Only when we complete the operation of  booking low cost flights will we be sure of what we are going to pay and at that point the price that initially seemed very convenient may no longer be so.
It is therefore advisable to pay the utmost attention when booking low cost flights, so as not to find yourself in the situation of paying a final price increased by costs and supplements not initially declared, or in the case of some optional supplement that you have notactively accepted.
Any situations of this kind should be reported to the associations responsible for asserting the rights of all consumers and travelers, in order to inform the Antitrust Authority and put an end to this practice. To guarantee effective freedom of choice and consumer protection and passengers on low cost flights, it is considered necessary, as required by EC Regulation no. 1008/2008, to guarantee effective freedom of choice and protection of  consumers with greater transparency in the communication of flight prices and with the indication from the beginning of the final price of the ticket, through the website Booking it is possible to book flights, hotels and rent a car.

For personal logistical needs, references for the search for low cost flights to reach tourist holiday destinations are preferred, the Malpensa Airport of Milan and the John Kennedy Airport of New York, however, within the site you will find references and descriptions of the main international and European airports to use as an alternative for departures to vacation spots.

From experience, I recommend using Google Flights to find cheap prices to tourist destinations. Furthermore, by registering you have the advantage of receiving updates via email on prices, dates and destinations. In practice, by keeping yourself prepared for departures, there is the possibility of obtaining very low fares.

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